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Spaces are $150 per 10x15 space. Each vendor will receive 2 general admission passes for a 10x15 space, 3 for a 10x30, and 4 for a 10x45 space. All additional workers must pay a discounted $10 admission when checking in. Vendors will receive ONE parking pass, all other vehicles must park in the spectator parking lot. Vehicles are not allowed to park in the vendor spaces unless special arrangements have been made previously and vendor has purchased enough spots to fit the vehicle.  There will be NO VENDOR spaces available the DAY OF, please plan accordingly.

The Ventura Nationals has built a great reputation for the reservation of the following types of vendors: Auto / Motorcycle inspired art Kustom Kulture Artists and Vendors, Surf Related Art and Clothing, Vintage Style Clothing, Vintage Style Households Items, Vintage Style Leathers, Vintage Helmets, Car and Motorcycle Builders / Parts Sales must follow the same car and motorcycle guidelines as cars/motorcycles entered in the show


We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone. Please include as much information as possible regarding your companys product(s) being sold. We have limited space and would like to include as many vendors as possible. Vendors are not to leave until after the show is over each day. Vehicles parked in the vendor parking lot will be locked in by fairgrounds security. The Ventura Fairgrounds rules are that there are to be no vehicles moving while the show gates are open to the public. Thank you for your participation.

Car and motorcycles are not to be moved during the show hours. Should there be an emergency, please notify Event Staff in a yellow shirt for permission. DO NOT DRIVE THRU THE CROWD UNASSISTED. Thank you!


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